2017 Talented Athlete Program

Girls: 22nd to 24th May | Boys: 24th to 26th May


As a basketball coach, you will often form the first lasting impression that participants and their families have with our game.

Basketball throughout Australia relies on dedicated volunteers to teach people how to play the game and compete.  We recognise there is a need to support these volunteers with high quality, consistent, accessible training.  This is fundamental to the development of players, coaches, pathways in sport and of the game in Australia.

Whether you are coaching a team of beginners who are just learning to love the sport or a national team, we hope you enjoy coaching Everyone’s Game.

Basketball Australia (BA) NEW Coaching NCAS

BA and each of the states and territories have been working on the development of a new National Coaching Curriculum.

BA recognises that there has been a need to:

>    Make learning more convenient to access

>    Better support volunteers

>    Recognise, support and accredit more of the volunteers fulfilling a coaching role within Australia Basketball

>    Modernise how we teach – moving to competency-based learning

>    Better support volunteers and associations

Basketball Australia Coaching Accreditation Structure:

Level 3 Coach High-Performance Coach
Level 2 Coach Association Coach
Level 1 Coach Club Coach

These courses will be delivered under the new coach accreditation structure introduced by Basketball Australia.


Under the new Basketball Australia coaching accreditation structure, the Association Coach is similar in accreditation level to the previous Level Two accreditation.

Those for the Association Coach should hold a current Level 1 or Club Coach Accreditation and have one to two years of coaching experience.

CLUB COACH (Level 1)

Under the new Basketball Australia coaching accreditation structure the Club Coach course is now an entry level basketball coaching course similar in accreditation level to the previous Level One course.

Completion of the Level 0 is not mandatory to for the Club Coach course. However, it is a prerequisite to receiving their Club Coach accreditation that course participants in addition to completing the face to face components of the course must also complete the Australian Sports Commission online Beginning Coaching General Principles Course.

– Coach Accreditation Updating Form

– Coach Code of Ethics & Agreement 

– Online Coaching Course – General Principles

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