Basketball New South Wales is excited about signing a partnering agreement with Custom College Recruitment.

As a State Sporting body we are looking for our members and young athletes to make informed choices about a future college career. CCR have worked globally for over 9 years supporting young athletes and their parents to be prepared for what is expected when going to college and ensure they are profiled correctly and professionally to the coaches. They have also worked with athletes in Victoria and Queensland for the last 4 years delivering this service and their feedback made our decision making a lot easier.

We are looking forward to be working with CCR providing a professional college recruitments service to NSW over the next coming years.

CEO of Custom College Recruitment is optimistic about the agreement, in providing a direct elite pathway to the US College system.

“Couldn’t be more excited about partnering with Basketball New South Wales and what the future holds for basketball athletes in NSW. After seeing how motivated the NSW organisation is to help their athletes pursue opportunities at the next level as well as do it the right way, we definitely wanted to be involved in helping them in that process. With also having partnerships in place with Basketball Victoria & Basketball Queensland, this new partnership is further proof that the people at the top of these organisation go above & beyond to have everything in place for their athletes at different stages of their careers.”- CCR CEO Shane Howard

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