Basketball New South Wales are excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with the PCYC NSW.

The agreement aims to grow the sport, increase player participation and physical activity as well as to provide pathways across the state. 

PCYC is Australia’s pre-eminent youth organisation that work with police and the community to empower young people to reach their potential with a primary mission of getting young people active. The PCYC is one of Australia’s leading youth development organisations with over 110,000 members across 64 clubs in NSW.

Basketball NSW will invest in shared resources, and are committed to work with the PCYC NSW to achieve shared objectives, ensuring the game of basketball – at the grassroots continues to grow strongly and provide opportunities for youth to engage in physical activity.

This involves Basketball NSW aligning with PCYC NSW to engage with local affiliated BNSW associations to run basketball competitions within its venues along with the implementation of a 3×3 basketball tournament as part of the 2018 Nations of Origin event.

PCYC NSW has conducted the Nations of Origin tournament since 2002 as part of the PCYC’s commitment to engaging with Aboriginal Communities across NSW and the ACT to strengthen reconciliation within the communities. The tournament was founded upon four key concepts of reconciliation, education, cultural identity and sport and had over 1,000 young participants in last year’s event.

This year sees the strategic objectives of both Basketball NSW and PCYC NSW align in the delivery of a 3×3 basketball tournament as part of the annual NAIDOC week event with the aims of creating an annual event partnership.

Basketball New South Wales CEO, Maria Nordstrom said she is excited about the new partnership and hopes that it will provide further opportunities for youth to participate in the sport, from a grassroots level.

“We are thrilled to announce that this is a perfect opportunity to partner with PCYC NSW in order to engage children and youth of all ages in the sport of basketball”, said Nordstrom.

“We want to keep basketball mobile in the efforts that basketball will be the number one choice for interested participants to keep active and increase their physical activity in a fun and supportive environment while engaging our reach with our associations across the state”.

PCYC NSW is excited to partner with Basketball NSW to offer a new beneficial relationship in the aims of a joint collaborative effort for the conduct of basketball in PCYC clubs across NSW.

PCYC New South Wales CEO, Dominic Teakle said that the new joint collaborative agreement complements PCYC’s 2022 strategic plan to further empower young people and build community resilience by enhancing their cultural identities.

“It is important that PCYC aligns with sport governing bodies and this great relationship we have with Basketball NSW, enables PCYC is to offer more opportunities to young people from all backgrounds and through the sport of basketball to empower youth, get them active in life, develop their skills while engaging with the local communities,” said Teakle.

PCYC NSW also acknowledges that a viable and mutually beneficial relationship with BNSW will provide pathways, technical sporting assistance and structure to basketball in PCYC clubs. Further, where BNSW does not have an association, BNSW agrees to engage with PCYC to provide the opportunity for PCYC to run basketball competitions and programs in those locations.