Child Safety and Basketball

Protecting children from harm and abuse in sport is a priority - we all have a role to play.

Creating a Child Safe Sport

Basketball NSW is committed to safeguarding children and young people in sport. We work with the sector, NSW Office of SportNSW Office of the Children’s Guardian and Play by the Rules plus other child safety agencies to help create child safety in basketball in NSW.

FAQ’S: On Child Safety and Basketball

Q. If I have Child Protection concerns, who do I contact?

A. Depending on the circumstances, contact:

  • NSW Police on 000
  • Child Protection Hotline 13 21 11
  • Basketball NSW on 8765 8555 or

Q. We are new to basketball, we don’t know what to expect from representative basketball?
A. This is normal, all associations are encouraged to conduct information sessions for parents and to also provide a player/parent information handbook.

Just ask your local basketball association when these sessions are held or where you can access the information handbook.

Q. How do I know the coach is accredited?
A. Parents can find out if their coach is accredited by asking their local Association. It is a requirement of all Head and Assistant Coaches coaching in BNSW representative programs to be accredited, have a valid Working With Children Check and be registered with their local association.

Q. Does the Basketball NSW accreditation mean Coaches/Officials are already verified for a Working with Children Check?
A. No. That is a separate process that can only be verified through the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian.

Q. What details should I be checking when choosing to engage with a coach for private lessons for my child?

A. That the coach has a valid Working With Children Check (WWC), parents can self-check this by visiting the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian website HERE

We also encourage parents to validate that the training session is sanctioned by Basketball NSW.

That the coach being hired has the appropriate levels of insurance cover for personal and professional indemnity.

Q. Should my child be receiving personal messages on their mobile or through social media from the coaching staff?
A. No. The Basketball NSW Code of Conduct clearly states that coaches should refrain from having any private messaging with children.

However, it is common practice that group messages are sent to convey important information, e.g. to confirm training times.  We encourage parents to request that they are included on any group messages sent.

Q. Does Basketball NSW sanction private coaches or providers?
A. Basketball NSW insurance program covers all participants whilst engaged in activities that are either sanctioned by an affiliated basketball association or Basketball NSW.

If you are not sure if the private training session is covered, please feel free to contact either your local basketball association or Basketball NSW via

Q. Does Basketball NSW Insurance cover private coaching?
A. Our basketball insurance program does not cover activities where parents have engaged in additional coaching services to be provided.

Parents are advised to ensure that the provider engaged has the appropriate level of insurance cover.

Q. Can my childs coach give them a state or national pathway?
A. No. All coaches and players are subject to the same Basketball NSW guidelines and rules with regards to high-performance programs and pathways.

Q. What sort of training is acceptable for different age groups?
A. This will be dependent on the age and skill level of each playing group. However, parents should always be wary of any coaching sessions where children are encouraged to have 1- on-1 sessions with their coach in a private setting.

If the parent/guardian agrees to 1-on-1 training sessions, we encourage that the parent/guardian also attends the training sessions and the training session is supervised at all times.

Q. Another child or parent has told me something of concern that has happened at basketball, what do I do?

A. Contact your local association Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) for support and options available. Or contact a Basketball NSW Member Protection Officer (MPO) for further advice on 8765 8555 or

Q. What happens if I make a report regarding inappropriate behaviour?
A. Your report will be treated in absolute confidence by Basketball NSW.

However, the matter may have to be referred to a government agency (such as police or Family & Community Services) depending on the nature of the disclosure(s).

Q. Can Basketball NSW take action from anonymous reports?
A. Basketball NSW can take action but will be limited as to what action may be taken depending on the individual circumstances of the report.

Q. How do I make a report, and who to?
A. Reports can be made to your local association’s MPIO or complaints handler, or to a Basketball NSW Member Protection Officer on

Q. Do I have to contact my association first or can I go directly to Basketball NSW?
A. If you feel more comfortable reporting any child protection concerns directly to Basketball NSW then that course of action is open to you and your child.

Q. My child is being bullied online by other children from another team?
A. There are several things you can do as a parent in your child is subject to being bullied online.

These include:

  • Discuss the incident with your child, and assure them that you are able to help them.
  • Encourage your child to disengage in the online forum where the bullying is occurring.
  • Work with your child to implement strategies to reduce the risk of online harassment or bullying.
  • Take screenshots of the messages and report the incident to either your local basketball association MPIO or Basketball NSW MPO via

Q. Should coaching staff be present in the changeroom when the team is getting dressed for the game?
A. There is no reason for the coaching staff to be present when children are changing in or out of their playing uniform.

We encourage parents to educate their child to get dressed or undressed in a cubicle that is private.

Submit an Integrity Complaint or to Report an Incident

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