Hall of Fame

The Basketball NSW Hall of Fame provides the opportunity to recognise & acknowledge those who have given exceptional service to our great game of Basketball within NSW.

Every inductee into BNSW Hall of Fame is a true servant to the game.

Our first inaugural BNSW Hall of Fame was held in 2011, where we inducted 28 BNSW members whose services deserved to be acknowledged. From 2011, & every two years, BNSW and its Hall of Fame committee identify Hall of Fame recipients, being those who have given above and beyond as a player, coach, referee, administrator or contributor to Basketball within our state.

Every inductee into BNSW Hall of Fame is a true servant to the game. Their stories are inspiring to those who are not only part of our game today, but our future basketball generations to come. Their stories and contributions showcase our sport, encouraging our members to strive to reach their own goals; give benchmarks to break and have wonderful milestones to admire and be remembered by.

Additionally, at each Hall of Fame ceremony, previous inductees are considered by the committee to be elevated to the status of “Legend” – the highest honour in Basketball. A status that ensures that their contributions and achievements will never be forgotten and their legacy will always be celebrated.

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Basketball NSW


Alistair Ramsay MBE OAM (dec)
Dr. John Raschke OAM (dec)
Robert Staunton OAM (dec)
Dr. Adrian Hurley OAM
Bob Elphinston OAM
Lauren Jackson AO OLY
Lorraine Landon OAM
Liesl Tesch AM PLY
Basketball NSW

Hall of Fame Recipients

Select Year
Alistair Ramsay MBE OAM (dec)
Bob Elphinston OAM
Bruce Flick (dec)
Charlie Ammit (dec)
Dr Adrian Hurley OAM – Legend 2017
Dr. Adrian Hurley OAM
Dr. John Raschke OAM (dec)
Eric Callaway (dec)
George Thompson (dec)
Jack Small OAM (dec)
John Gardiner OLY (dec)
John Martin
Karen Dalton OLY
Keith Fenton (dec)
Ken Finch OLY
Lauren Jackson AO OLY
Les Gough
Lorraine Landon OAM
Maree Jackson
Merv Emms (dec)
Mervyn Moy
Michael Wrublewski OAM (dec)
Nancy Hill
Pamela Willmette OAM (dec)
Robbie Cadee
Robert Staunton OAM (dec)
Sid Taylor AM (dec)
Trish Fallon OLY
Brad Dalton OLY
Colin Dewhurst Sr (dec)
Evan Bennett
Gordon McLeod OLY
Harry Burgess (dec)
Ken Cole OLY
Ken Harvey (dec)
Melva Hancock (nee Saunders) (dec)
Roger Shiels
Terry Charlton OLY
Troy Sachs OAM PLY
Vickie Croucher
Denis Kibble
Ken Clifford (dec)
Liesl Tesch PLY
Matthew Nielsen OLY
Peter Yeend (dec)
Ray Rosbrook (dec)
Robert McGugan
Ron Luke (dec)
Ross Graham
Tom York OAM
Wendy Laidlaw OLY
Annie La Fleur OLY
Bruce Leonard (dec)
Debbie Cadee
Gordon Young (dec)
Ian Davies OLY (dec)
Lisa Edmonds PLY
Patrick Hunt AM
Paul Beale
Terese Kennedy
Tom Penrose (dec)
Andrew Lazaris OAM
Barrie Meadows
Carl Rodwell OLY
Damian Keogh AM OLY
Eve Craddock
Gerry Hewson OAM PLY
Jeff Davies
Lauretta Claus
Rob Beveridge
Shelley Gorman OLY
Steve Bignell
Suzy Batkovic OLY
Belinda Snell OLY
Kylie Gauci PLY
Maureen Elphinston (dec)
Brad Giersch
Matthew Wells
Robyn Maher AM OLY
Brendan Dowler OAM PLY
Bob Turner
Glen Saville OLY
Matthew Townsend