Bounce in Basketball

Basketball New South Wales’ Bounce In Basketball program is supported by the NSW Government's #HerSportHerWay campaign.


Basketball New South Wales’ Bounce In Basketball program is supported by the NSW Government through Her Sport Her Way Grant Program. The Her Sport Her Way Strategy aims to: 

  • Get women active within their local sporting community; 
  • Build awareness and understanding of the importance of physical activity;
  • Reduce barriers to participation for women 

The Bounce In Basketball program aims to encourage females to participate in skill development and game readiness within a basketball context to foster growth in order for the participant to join a structured competition post-program.  

This will be structured as a 4-6 week program for females aged 18+ who may be new to the sport or looking for an all female inclusive program to enhance their development.

The program will be accessible throughout NSW, with a particular focus on female participants that may have been previously physically active in other sports to learn the rules and skills of basketball.

Similarly, the program will be equally attractive to those that may have an involvement in basketball (e.g. parents of children that play, fans of the game, siblings or partner of a player) and those that know nothing about the game. 

To make it truly accessible to all females, a range of providers can be involved in the delivery of the program including local government, basketball clubs and associations and community focussed organisations such as YMCA, PCYC, local gyms etc. 

The program will be delivered at a range of times and places to enable people to build it into their daily work, home and family routines. 

It is not a traditional “membership” program and its primary aim is to develop a love of basketball and bridge the link of registering into a structured tournament or team. 

Accordingly, the program is fun focussed and provides each participant with 45-60 minutes of activity across 4-6 weeks.

This program is currently in pilot and being trialled at the Central Coast Waves & Lithgow Basketball Association.


The Bounce In Basketball program provides females 18+ with a fun and safe basketball experience that serves as an introduction to a lifetime of involvement in the game.

The program is not just about introducing females to basketball – it activates and develops within each participant the desire for a healthy lifestyle and an association with our great game through joining a local association.

This is achieved through activities to assist the development of personal skills.

Benefits to participants;

  • Learning of the fundamental motor skills for future physical activity and sports participation
  • Learning of the basics of fitness conditioning, including how to train and practise
  • Contact with other females provides valuable role model experiences and building of friendships
  • Community structures often serve as positive models for other community programs that rely on volunteer support
  • Greater social contact and interaction
  • A stronger social fabric and improved community health
  • Enhanced non-family support networks
  • Decreased antisocial behaviour 

Benefits to facilitators eg associations;

  • Expanded talent pool
  • More paying members if they continue to join 
  • Gender diversity at all levels can contribute to an improved reputation to position your association to meet the needs of the local community
  • Increase the awareness of an inclusive community

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