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The Basketball NSW Hall of Fame provides the opportunity to recognise & acknowledge those who have given exceptional service to our great game of Basketball within NSW.

Our first inaugural BNSW Hall of Fame was held in 2011, where we inducted 28 BNSW members whose services deserved to be acknowledged. From 2011, & every two years, BNSW and its Hall of Fame committee identify Hall of Fame recipients, being those who have given above and beyond as a player, coach, referee, administrator or contributor to Basketball within our state.

Every inductee into BNSW Hall of Fame is a true servant to the game. Their stories are inspiring to those who are not only part of our game today, but our future basketball generations to come. Their stories and contributions showcase our sport, encouraging our members to strive to reach their own goals; give benchmarks to break and have wonderful milestones to admire and be remembered by.

Additionally, at each Hall of Fame ceremony, previous inductees are considered by the committee to be elevated to the status of “Legend” – the highest honour in Basketball. A status that ensures that their contributions and achievements will never be forgotten and their legacy will always be celebrated.

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