Alistair Ramsay MBE OAM


A man who was always switched on from the day he started, Alistair Ramsay worked hard night and day to get Basketball organised in this country. He started off as the secretary of the NSWABA in 1954 and continued to ply his trade until 1968.

Alistair’s ability to communicate and professionalism served him well as the secretary of the Australian Basketball Union for 14 years. In that time, his knowledge and experience paved the way for him to establish the NSW Basketball Office in 1960.

The more work he did, the more he was recognised and in 1968 he was acknowledged as “the father of Oceania” for creating the FIBA Oceania Region.

Alistair’s passion for Basketball secured him a place on the Olympic Technical Committee for three Olympics. He was part of the Committee for the 1972, 1976 and 1980 Olympics.

Most people won’t even attend one Olympics, but Alistair’s contribution to the game of Basketball involved 10 Olympics and 10 World Championships.

His continuous contribution for the good of the game was renowned. He established the Oceania Office at Coffs Harbour for overseeing the whole region. Indeed, there’s a regional competition named after him. The

Ramsay Shield is a trophy sought after by teams from Australia and New Zealand.

His hard work and dedication to bring out the best basketball in this country and are acknowledged through several awards:
• Secretary of Oceania 1968-2001 Elected President of Oceania 1997.
• Life Member Basketball NSW and Basketball Australia.
• Inducted into the Basketball Australia Hall of Fame in 2006 as a Legend.
• Member of FIBA Hall of Fame.
• Honorary Life Member FIBA and Order of Merit FIBA.
• Awarded an MBE (1980) and an OAM (1988) for services to basketball.
• Elevated to Basketball NSW Legend Status in 2013.

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