Charlie Ammit (dec)


Passion, pride and a determination to make basketball a big sport in our region is what sums up Charlie Ammit. He was a coach, mentor, and teacher to many people involved with basketball.

Charlie is a long-time coach at arguably one of Sydney’s oldest clubs, Sydney’s YMCA. His preferred association, the City of Sydney Association harnesses his talents as well.

As much as Charlie loved to coach, he also liked to get his hands on the ball and became a very successful coach and a player with the Neutrons Basketball Club.

His performance on the court was enough to convince selectors that he should represent NSW, and he did so in 1953 and 1957. From 1962 on he coached NSW to glory for 27 years. Charlie was a respected coach and he did everything he could to put NSW on the basketball map.

Charlie’s basketball smarts won Sydney YMCA the NSW State Open Men’s Championships when he was the club’s coach.
His coaching success at lower levels gave him a chance to prove himself on the national stage. He did so in the National Basketball League coaching Sydney for 4 seasons, Illawarra for 2 seasons and Hobart for 1 season.

After coaching and playing at the state level, he wanted to expand his horizons. Charlie was a prolific coaching clinician taking the game to many regions of NSW. His enthusiasm for the game took him to New Guinea, Fiji, New Caledonia, Guam and Palau where he became a long-time coach. Recognized as a highly talented teacher of the game and its fundamentals, he represented FIBA conducting coaching clinics in Malaysia and Pakistan.

Charlie is now a life member of the City of Sydney Basketball Association and Basketball NSW.

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