Ken Harvey (dec)


A massive face behind and in front of the scenes at the YMCA, Ken will go down as a basketball lover. He started playing basketball for both the YMCA and the City of Sydney Basketball Association in 1944.

Ken wanted to get involved in avenues other than playing and it was in 1952 that he became involved in officiating the sport. This included both refereeing and a member of the scoring table.

A very memorable moment in Ken’s life was when he took on the pressure and added the responsibility of being part of the bench for the first NBL game at Homebush in 1979. Ken continued to perform this function well into the 1980s.

He was on the international stage in a refereeing capacity when he officiated in a gold medal performance at the 1994 World Masters Games.

His refereeing capabilities moved him over to Wheelchair basketball where he was involved at both National and International levels.

The Rollers used to be called the Wheelkings. Ken was rewarded for his involvement with the team when in 1996, they won the National Championships.

Ken’s effort and eagerness was noted and he is now a Life member of the City of Sydney Basketball Association, Sydney YMCA Basketball Club, Sydney Basketball Council, Sydney Basketball Referee’s Association, NSW Basketball Referee’s Association and NSW Basketball Association.

In 2011 for all that he has done for the game in NSW, he was awarded a Long Service Award by the NSW Sports Federation.

To be involved with the game for a decade is a mean feat. But Ken has been involved for nearly seventy years in either a player, coaching, manager, referee, or officiating capacity in NSW.

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