Ray Rosbrook (dec)


Ray was one of the main faces when basketball was starting up in this state. He was one of the biggest factors in the development and establishment of basketball in NSW. He acted as both an administrator and as a leading coach in that very important era from the mid-1930s through to 1950. It was a time when basketball was transitioning into an established sport in New South Wales.

He was looked up to as a notable leader in coaching. Ray had the right techniques to counter opposition teams and thought of new drills and game plans. He is credited with developing the framework of basketball style in those early days.

Born in 1910 and educated at Newington College and then Sydney University, Mr Rosbrook clearly had the IQ and smarts to teach and manage different sectors in basketball. He joined the Sydney Council in 1936 as a playground supervisor. What followed was a fulfilling and successful career in dedicated service to both the children and young men who attended the Moore Park Playground, as well as the inner city community in general. He gave up his time to make the area a better place.

There was no downtime for Ray who continued to serve as a mentor for the younger charges. He developed and encouraged them to achieve what they set out on achieving and to reach their potential in life. He is known in the basketball community as a fine basketball coach, but he had a knack to producing for other sports as well. Not many people can say that they have the ability to lead players in other codes but Ray was an exception, creating representative athletes in other sports such as Rugby League, Rugby Union and Athletics which are all under the banner of Moore Park Playground.

Ray could do no wrong as a coach at New South Wales state level. He took the reigns of some of New South Wales most flourishing teams and from 1946 through to 1950, he took the New South Wales teams to some successful Australian Championships. With his knowledge, Ray held positions as selector and manager for State representative teams.

For some administrators, they’d prefer to focus on one particular sport but not Ray. He was involved in administrative and development positions for a number of sports, which not only took up a lot of his time but put him closer to the action like never before. He was involved in the National Fitness Camp in Narrabeen, the YMCA Camp in Yarramundi as a founder of the New South Wales Amateur Basketball Association, Amateur Athletics Association, the Drummoyne Rugby Union Club and the Sydney Rowing Club.

He gained respect from everyone that he worked with. The players regarded him as a father figure who commanded respect through controlled discipline. He worked in a number of positions to help people who were in need. Ray acted as a social worker, community worker, youth worker, recreation leader and sporting coach.
If you were coached and mentored by Ray, it’s fair to say that he contributed a lot to your growth and development as an athlete. Many players who have progressed to an elite level can, with certainty, put some of their success down to Mr Rosbrook.


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