Nominations for the Basketball NSW Annual Awards are open to persons, teams, Associations, Conferences and Volunteers, which are involved at NSW and/or Conference and/or Association levels, or who represent New South Wales at Basketball Australia events.

Please note, that only delegates from each association are permitted to nominate for the awards in order to streamline the nomination process. 

Excluded from nominating for awards are:
1. Performances of teams, individuals, clubs in NBL, WNBL, Leagues other than the Waratah League
2. Persons/teams 20 years of age or older are not eligible for Junior Awards.

The Annual Awards are listed below:
1.1. Player of the Year awards:
1.1.1. Sydney Uni Flames – Karen Dalton Metro Junior Female (under 20 years)
1.1.2. Sydney Kings – Mathew Neilson Metro Junior (under 20 years)
1.1.3. Gordon McLeod NSW Country Junior Male (under 20 years)
1.1.4. Lauren Jackson NSW Country Junior Female (under 20 years)
1.2. Association Team of the Year
1.2.1. Association Team of the Year Senior League
1.2.2. Association Team of the Year Junior League
1.3. Coach of the Year
1.4. Administrator of the Year
1.4.1. Administrator of the Year – Paid
1.4.2. Administrator of the Year – Volunteer
1.5. Volunteer of the Year
1.5.1. Junior – Male or Female volunteer 21 years and under
1.5.2. Senior – Male or Female volunteer 22 years and over
1.6. Most successful Association on court
1.6.1. Most Successful Senior Association on Court
1.6.2. Most Successful Junior Association on Court
1.6.3. Most Successful Overall Association on Court
1.7. Association Coaching Program of the Year
This award shall be divided into two categories:
1.7.1. Associations over 2,000 members in registrations
1.7.2. Associations under 2,000 members in registrations
1.8. Association Referee Program of the Year
This award shall be divided into two categories:
1.8.1. Associations over 2,000 members in registrations
1.8.2. Associations under 2,000 members in registrations
1.9. Scoretable Official of the Year
1.10. Statistician of the Year
1.11. George Thompson Memorial Award- Recognition Award for outstanding contribution to women’s basketball. Open criteria to recognise the outstanding efforts of an Individual and a team; and/ or association and/or organization’s to women’s basketball.
1.12. Dr John Rashke Award- This award acknowledges the outstanding achievements by an individual to develop the game of basketball.
1.13. Chairmans Award- This award recognizes the Association of the Year.
1.14. Long Service Awards
1.15. State Team of the Year
1.16. Waratah League Referee of the Year
1.16.1. Championship Division
1.16.2. Division 1
1.16.3. Youth League

The Staff of Basketball NSW who make contributions outside of their staff role can be considered for an award.

PLEASE discuss the Awards with your Board and Committee to ensure that your Association nominates the right person/team for the Basketball NSW Annual Awards.

Save the Word Doc located below and fill out a form(s)  and just save to your computer and then email it back to Jaylee at [email protected]

Nominations Close Friday 8th of November, 2019, 5pm. 

The 2019 Basketball NSW Annual Awards Function will be held on Sunday 8th of December as part of the Sydney Kings/Sydney Uni Flames doubleheader at Qudos Bank Arena.