Basketball New South Wales in partnership in with the Leap Basketball Foundation are thrilled to announce that huge milestones have been achieved with the first round of the Dream Hoops funding program.

The first round of the Dream Hoops Program saw an exceptional number of applicants apply with over 100 successful donations granted for funding across NSW, totaling $65,000.

These applicants were recently presented with a number of various merchandise apparel which includes t-shirts & backpacks as part of the overall funding program.

Basketball NSW, CEO, Maria Nordstrom said that she wants to continue to drive the Dream Hoops Funding in order to help achieve long lasting outcomes through the community.

“Our commitment to the Dream Hoops Program is unflinching, and we welcome and thank the heavy contributions from Steve Atkins and in particular his foundation “Leap Basketball Foundation” (in conjunction with the Australian Sports Foundation) to help us to make a meaningful contribution to the well-being of our community,” said Nordstrom.

“The Dream Hoops program is a vehicle for disadvantaged youths in our state, with the program instrumental in providing strong and healthy community relationships through sport, in particular – basketball.”

“The Dream Hoops monetary funding & merchandise is an invaluable resource containing resilience & opportunities that enable members of our community to continue to support their dreams of playing basketball and assist with their aspirations in joining our high-performance pathways.”

“Without this program, many of our young basketballers in our state may never have the means or opportunity to play our game, as much of the awarded funding, going towards playing kits and registration fees.” 

The Dream Hoops program aims to reach kids and youths who love basketball and desperately want the chance to play but don’t have the means to do so. This may include buying shoes or a playing kit or paying for game or registration fees. For those with great potential or identified talent, there is also the opportunity to participate in High-Performance programs and representative events.

The Dream Hoops initiative is focused on building up the community and strengthening our youth to provide children in need with an outlet for not only physical activity but also a fun and competitive outlet for youths with aspirations of playing basketball through a grant application process.

The Dream Hoops Program funding for round two will be open on the 8th of August, 2019 via our website.

Any questions or inquiries regarding the Dream Hoops Funding Application can be emailed to [email protected]

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