With the excitement building with the return to sport following Covid-19, Walking Basketball is an accessible way to get fit & healthy with your friends.  

A selection of associations have jumped on board to assist in facilitating Walking Basketball across the state and one association, in particular, is hitting goals when it comes to participation. 

This is what Walking Basketball is all about getting out, active and having fun. Betty shares her story of how Walking Basketball started at Cooma Basketball Association and where they are today.

“A few basketball players from years gone by (1960/70/80) had jokingly talked about doing basketball whilst walking way before the program came out but didn’t get around to it.

When the program appeared at a committee meeting I said I would see if anyone was interested. Word of mouth (and advertising) saw a few decide to get together to start the program. We decided to play as per the regular basketball rules but with no running and less physical contact. 

Everyone enjoyed the exercise, laughs and social gathering so we continued on. If we only had 5 turn up we played half court with two in defence and we had a swinger who played attack for both teams with each person having a turn as a swinger. If we had six players we played 3 on 3 or full court was played if 8 players or more were in attendance.  

We returned this year before Covid-19 but because of the restrictions, we had to stop when the council shut down the facilities. We returned with 5 new players as soon as they reopened the stadium.

The group includes players from 40 years to 72 years of age and come from different social groups but in this group, we come together as one. As of last night, we have put a hold on adding anyone in the session but if there is a further show of interest will start another session on another night.

Players are registered as a part of Cooma Basketball Association and we are playing under the strict Covid-19 rules.”

Check out Cooma Basketball Association in action HERE.

If you want to get involved in Walking Basketball by either participating or hosting sessions contact Amy Nolan (Community Growth Programs Administrator) [email protected] or 8765 8555 (047 8452 732) to find out how we can assist you.