On Monday the 29th of October, Basketball NSW in conjunction with the Blacktown City Council held a public meeting to discuss the proposed launch of the Blacktown City Basketball Council.

The meeting began with a joint presentation from the Blacktown City Council and Basketball NSW, which took the 40 plus people in attendance through the vision for growing basketball in Blacktown City and the proposal to launch the Blacktown City Basketball Council (BCBC).

Blacktown City Mayor, Stephen Bali who opened the meeting said “What a fantastic opportunity! We are a Sporting City and we love basketball. Together we will build a strong, diverse and proud basketball family consisting of all walks of life – a true reflection of our diverse Blacktown City community.”

Maria Nordstrom the CEO of Basketball NSW said that “The aim of the BCBC is to utilise the expertise and diverse community knowledge to develop specific growth and inclusion actions in order to build greater numbers participating in the sport of basketball in the Blacktown City”.

Attendees to the meeting were given the chance to ask questions, address both the Council and Basketball NSW on the proposal and we encouraged to share their story on why they attended the meeting.

Nordstrom added, “Basketball NSW has had a long relationship with basketball in the Blacktown area and we see huge potential to grow the game, it is important to both the residents of Blacktown City and Basketball NSW, that we create more opportunities for the kids to participate in our sport.”

“The Blacktown West Storm will continue to play in our state based competitions for 2019, their future involvement including the development of a new name will be one of the many tasks that the BCBC will address.  It is critical that we grow the base of participants whilst ensuring all required support structures of coach and referee development are in place.”

“Over time the BCBC will evolve to become a community based not-for-profit organisation, that operates under a constitution, overseen by a Board of Management who are elected by the members”.

Basketball NSW structure allows for one association per local council area, which can have a number of clubs associated with it. Basketball NSW will allocate a resource to this project working together with Blacktown City Council and the key stakeholders to make the basketball vision in Blacktown a reality.

The first meeting of the Blacktown City Basketball Council will be held on Tuesday the 20th of November.


For more information please contact: Maria Nordstrom – CEO Basketball NSW

[email protected] | 0419 962 935