BNSW are excited to announce the following changes to our Spalding Waratah Junior Leagues for the 2021 and 2022 season.

In 2021 our Country Junior Leagues (EJL, NJL, SJL & WJL) will have a Junior Premier League (JPL), which will see the top teams throughout Country in U14s, U16s and U18s compete to progress to the State Championships.

In preparation for Metro joining JPL in 2022, they will have a Premier Division in 2021, top 4 teams from this division will also progress to the 2021 State Championships.  

The 2021 season will also see the Metro League have divisions consisting of a maximum of 6 teams (a minimum of 5 teams for the lowest division to proceed is required).

There have also been changes to the transfer rules for the 2021 season of Junior Leagues which are as follows:

  • Metro Transfers:
    • 1 transfer for Premier, Division 1 & Division 2
    • 3 transfers permitted for Division 3 and below
    • No more than 2 players from the same association
  • Country Transfers:
    • 1 transfer for Premier & Division 1
    • 3 transfers permitted for Division 2 and below
    • No more than 2 players from the same association ( 1 for EJL associations )
  • Free Transfer – for Division 1 and below (all Junior Leagues). Players who chose to not play any games of representative basketball (i.e. pre-season, practice games, tournaments, league games, etc.) for 1 or more seasons (except for injury) will be a free transfer. They will still require a clearance to ensure no fees etc are outstanding but will not be counted as a transfer for the purpose of the league.

For further information please contact your association.

2021 will also see the implementation of State Challenges. These will be open to all teams and the players that have competed in their respective Junior League (EJL, MJL, NJL, SJL & WJL) except for those in JPL and the Premier Division (Metro). State Challenges are not compulsory.