BNSW are proud to announce that Walking Basketball will be heavily showcased across Greater Sydney and Central Coast in this year’s NSW Seniors Festival. The twelve day event will be one of the largest celebrations of seniors in the southern hemisphere running from the 13th to the 24th of April.

Walking Basketball is free and will be hosted by various councils and or basketball associations across next month that will give you the opportunity to reconnect with the community in a safe and supportive environment. 

Walking basketball is just that, basketball without running and jumping. Perfect exercise for those looking for a fun activity, that doesn’t put pressure on joints or old injuries. Ideal for older players that wish to start getting active and or for the social aspect of team sport. It doesn’t matter if you have never played basketball or a seasoned pro, everyone is welcome to join.

BNSW Community Growth Programs Administrator, Amy Nolan is excited to bring Walking Basketball to numerous locations during this year’s festival. 

“It’s wonderful seeing people be able to get on the court that aren’t able to participate in the traditional game. For some it is injuries or age but for others it’s simply they don’t want to compete in a competition or have not played before and just want a social game at a lower pace they can’t get elsewhere,” said Nolan. 

“I have seen people from as young as 20 through to the ripe age of 90 participate in Walking Basketball sessions and wanting to come back for more due to the enjoyment and friendships they have gotten out of it.”

“We are lucky enough to have a grant at the moment to increase participation, so are encouraging all associations to give Walking Basketball a go in their areas as well as willing to work with any clubs or other organisations/groups/individuals who want to be involved.”

Seniors Week Locations:

Tuesday 13 April @ Warriewood Valley Sports Courts (Boondah Rd, next to council depot)
Time: 9.30-10.30am 
Register: CLICK HERE

Tuesday 13th April @ Avalon Recreation Centre
Time: 12-1pm
Register: CLICK HERE

Wednesday 14th April @ Merryland Oval (Basketball Courts)
Time: 10-11am
Register: CLICK HERE

Thursday 15th April @ Morrison Bay Park, Putney
Time: 10-11am
Register: CLICK HERE

Friday 16 April @ Third Settlement Reserve, Winston Hills
Time: 10-11am
Register: CLICK HERE

Monday 19th April @ Breakers Indoor Sport Stadium
Register: 10-11am CLICK HERE
Register: 11am-12pm CLICK HERE

Monday 19th April @ Niagara Park Stadium
Register: 1:30-2:30pm CLICK HERE

Tuesday 20 April @ Sutherland Basketball Stadium
Time: 10-11.30am
Register: CLICK HERE

Tuesday 20th April @ Hills Basketball Stadium
Time: 10-11.30am
Registration: CLICK HERE

Thursday 22nd April @ PCYC Marrickville
Time: 10-12pm 
Register: CLICK HERE

Friday 23rd April @ The Brickpit, Thornleigh
Time: 10-11am
Register: CLICK HERE

We will also be extending our Walking Basketball showcase up the NSW North Coast during the last week of April. We will be visiting centres from Newcastle through to Ballina, these sessions are open to all members of the public and will also be free to attend – open to all ages and abilities. More information to come… 

Health Benefits:

Not only are there the obvious health benefits from physical activity, but there are also other mental and social benefits: 

  • Play a fun game of basketball with peers to decrease social isolation 
  • Creates community belonging 
  • Sense of achievement from learning new skills 
  • Gain confidence in their bodies and their abilities 
  • Informal and relaxed structure that takes away the intimidation and anxiety that some participants may feel in other fitness settings 

During challenging times, it’s in our nature to connect. Whether it’s online, or out in the sunshine, NSW Seniors Festival is a chance to come together and make new friends or reconnect with old in a healthy and active way with Walking Basketball.

NSW Seniors Festival
13 – 24 April 2021 
This year’s theme is ‘In our nature’

There are hundreds of free or heavily discounted activities for seniors across the state, including concerts, workshops, expos, sporting activities and more. To find an activity or offer near you visit:

BNSW are happy to work with associations, clubs, councils and other organisations to provide one off or more regular opportunities for participation. If you wish to be involved please contact us at