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Imagine watching your favourite basketball team play a game with no timer, no scoreboard or no stat sheet. Players would have no idea what the score was, coaches would be confused as to how to manage the clock, and fans would be left clueless as to how many points their favourite player had scored. Without scoretable officials, this would be the reality of basketball. Scoretable officials are an indispensable element of good basketball delivery, responsible for the smooth flow of the game.

There are several different positions on the scoretable. These are the chairperson, the scorer, the assistant scorer, the timekeeper and the 24-second shot clock operator. Each position has different responsibilities but all are essential.

Most scoretable officials are fans of the game who enjoy being involved at the local level. They become scoretable officials to support both the sport and the teams they are attending to.

Becoming a scoretable official is an easy and fun way to increase your knowledge of the game (whatever it may already be), and to become a vital part of the games you attend.


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