Savannah Pride

Savannah Pride is a sport for development based organisation that aims to skill, educate and mentor youth through Basketball in Western Sydney.

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Savannah Pride

Developing youth, on and off the court.

Founded in 2006, Savannah Pride was originally established by a small group of coaches and students from South Sudanese backgrounds to assist youth through their settlement journey and provide a positive outlet. Savannah Pride has grown to be an all-inclusive organisation that attracts young people from all walks of life regardless of race, ethnicity or gender.

Savannah Pride provides a positive outlet for young people to channel their energy and grow, through well-rounded basketball programs, educational programs, homework support, mentoring and cultural guidance.

Savannah Pride takes a holistic approach to sport for development and works closely with families, schools and local police. Much like the Savannah tree, Savannah Pride believes that developing these deep roots and strong branches means our communities can take shade under the Savannah tree.

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