Pipeline of Projects

Facilities and Infrastructure is a key strategic pillar for Basketball NSW. Basketball NSW works with all levels of government, basketball associations, other user groups to ensure that indoor sporting requirements are being discussed or developed.

The below Pipeline of Projects (as of May 2022) reflects the current stadium developments, redevelopment, and or expansions that have been publically announced.

Projects in Pipeline

Projects listed below are in planning or are actively seeking funding to meet local demand and grow basketball in Sydney and NSW (timeframe 3-4 years).

Longer-term master planning for each local council area is currently being undertaken and will be completed in 2022. A full masterplan for indoor venues will be published on this page when completed in 2022.

  • Albury City Council/upgrade of Lauren Jackson Stadium/Albury Excellence Hub (phase 1 – fully funded) and 3+ court extension of stadium phase 2 (to be funded). Timing to be confirmed. 
  • Blacktown City Council / Charles Lowes Leisure Centre seeking funding to upgrade floors and backboards for 2 courts.
  • Central Coast BA / 2- court expansion project of the existing stadium.
  • Coffs Harbour Council / have completed business case to build a 6-court regional sports centre. Funding to be secured for project. 
  • Georges River Council / Jubilee Oval upgrade project 3 community courts included in-stadium upgrade. The final business case to be submitted to the state government in 2022.
  • Hurstville Leisure Centre – 2 new courts (stage 3 of large precinct upgrade). Project on hold for the council to resolve a planning matter. Project is funded.
  • Hawkesbury BA and PCYC / to construct 2 new courts with retractable seating.
  • Hornsby Council / Hornsby BA 2 court extension project – Council have hired a PM to complete feasibility and business case. 
  • Lismore Basketball Association / planned extension project of the stadium – 2-3 courts. Floods have halted project. 
  • Northern Beaches Council / Northern Beaches Excellence Hub, 4 new courts in the southern end of the council area. Joint project with AFL and Hockey.
  • Ryde Council/upgrade of existing venues adopted council masterplan. Working to prioritise a project for basketball-specific outcomes. 2-3 courts at ELS Hall. 
  • Wingecarribee Council (Moss Vale) / Lackey Park Project 4 new courts and upgrade of existing 2 courts part of the overall upgrade of the whole precinct.
  • Wollongong Council / IBA project to expand courts by 8 courts. Illawarra Excellence Hub.
  • Lane Cove Council / Lane Cove Indoor Sports Stadium 5 indoor courts business case withdrawn, community consultation re-started post council election.  LCC taking project back to council for vote in May 2022. Council committed to project. Planned for completion in 2024.
  • Cumberland Council – 2 courts and upgrade of existing centre. Supporting project at Auburn for Kings and Flames managed by council and elite teams ownership group. 
  • Snowy River Council / Tumut Regional Sports Centre. 2-court stadium in the design case phase – fully funded. Should go into DA shortly. 
  • Blacktown City Council – Marsden Park – master planned for 6 courts in new suburb.  4-6 years.
Projects in Pipeline

In Development Application – 66

Under Construction – 35

Projects listed below are in development application or construction has commenced.

The list also includes projects focused on upgrades of existing venues with funding approved.

  • Blacktown City Council / Kevin Betts Stadium 2-court extension project has commenced. In final stages of design phase – fully funded.  The masterplan includes a further 6 courts in the next 10 years.
  • Blacktown City Council / BNSW State Basketball and Volleyball Centre. Western – 12 courts including showcourt, gym and café. In business case.
  • Hills Shire Council / Hills BA and Bernie Mullane Indoor Sports Stadium 3 court extension project. In business case.
  • Canterbury-Bankstown council / Bankstown BA Condell Park Basketball Stadium 2 court extension project. In business case.
  • Campbelltown City Council – 6 courts in business case to form part of council Centre of Excellence.  Also includes upgrade of Minto indoor stadium.
  • Penrith City Council – 8 court indoor venue – in business case
  • Willoughby Council – Gore Hill project 6 court indoor sports stadium. Business case completed and DA to commence in June 2022. Planned for completion 2025.
  • Oran Park – Camden Council – Construction has commenced on Oran Park. Leisure Centre.  4 courts.  Completion 2024. 
  • Canada Bay Council / Concord Oval project including 4-courts under construction for completion late 2022. 
  • Coffs Harbour Council / Sportzcentral 1-court extension and upgrade of Hall 2 of the stadium has commenced architectural plans in the process of being completed. Construction to commence August 2022 for completion April 2023.
  • Coffs Harbour Council /Wiigulga – 2 courts under construction for completion October 2022. 
  • Cooma/Snowy Monaro – 3 courts. Development Application submitted. 
  • Dubbo Regional Sports Hub – new sports precinct with 5 indoor courts in phase 1(fully funded) and 4 courts in phase 2 (not funded). In Development Application phase for completion in 2024. 
  • Glen Innes / 2 new courts in construction for completion July 2022. 
  • Griffith City Council / Westend Oval Project under construct 5 new courts and upgrade existing two courts for completion June 2022.  For more information HERE
  • Heffron Park – 2 courts under construction with the opening of the Heffron Centre for completion late 2022.  For more information HERE
  • Ku-ring-gai Council / St Ives High School 2 additional courts to join the 2 courts completed by the Department of Education in December 2020. Total 4 courts. Construction to commence in May 2022.
  • Lake Macquarie Council/ Newcastle Basketball 10 courts including show court. Development Application is still to be finalised for the new site at Glendale.
  • Parramatta Camellia / RK Corp. West Sydney Wolves conversion of a warehouse to 6 community courts and 4 FIBA 1 approved courts. Under construction for completion June 2022.
  • City of Sydney Council – Huntley Street, Alexandria.  4 court venue with a commercial gym in DA for completion in 2024.
  • Taree Basketball Association/Manning Council – 3 new courts and upgrade of existing 2 courts.
  • Wagga Wagga – 4 new courts under construction for completion in late 2022 (PCYC).
  • Ryde Council – Marsfield. 6 court venue commenced construction for completion 2024.
Completed Projects

  • Sydney City Council / City of Sydney BA 2-courts added to Perry Park precinct completed December 2021.
  • Sydney Olympic Park / Quay Centre – upgrade of Hall of Champions. Sprung wooden floors, retractable seating, new lighting, ventilation, back of the house and technical equipment. 3 full-size community courts and 1 full-size international show court. (2nd venue for FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup 2022). Project completed in March 2022.
  • Merimbula – 4 courts outdoor undercover completed in 2021. 
  • St Ives HS – 2 courts completed in December 2020. 
  • Hills Shire Council – Bernie Mullane 2 courts – completed in 2021.
  • BNSW/Bathurst Stadium – upgrade of 3 sets of backboards and 4 scoreboards plus amenities and roof. Funding approved. For more information HERE 
  • Sydney City Council / City of Sydney BA 2-courts added to Perry Park precinct for completion early 2022.
  • Sydney Olympic Park / Quay Centre – upgrade of Hall of Champions. Sprung wooden floors, retractable seating, new lighting, ventilation, back of the house and technical equipment. 3 full-size community courts and 1 full-size international show court. (2nd venue for FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup 2022). Project to be completed in March 2022. Fully funded.
  • PCYC Grafton – complete upgrade of venue – 2 courts. Completed 2020.

Numerous outdoor courts are also under construction across the state. 

Basketball NSW Infrastructure Downloads

Completed Projects

Projects completed in 2020 include the Grafton multi-million-dollar PCYC club with 2 new indoor courts, Barker College with 5 indoor courts, St Ives High School delivering the first 2 of 4 courts, Ku-Ring-Gai High School with 1 indoor court and the Shore School with 4 indoor courts.

Basketball NSW will actively support and seek funding for 5 significant infrastructure projects in Sydney for the next Federal and State election cycles in 2022 and 2023 and actively work with consultants to help these projects’ activities as required.

This is not an exhaustive list and is subject to change. This page will be updated whenever new information is available to provide you with as much information as feasible.