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Partnership Prospectus

Welcome to the Basketball NSW Partnership Prospectus. We invite you to join us in bringing communities together through basketball. Our Partnership Prospectus presents opportunities for collaboration and meaningful engagement.

Basketball NSW holds a rich history and a thriving present. Drawing in a diverse and dedicated audience, from grassroots players to elite levels, basketball in NSW is a unifying force. By partnering with us, you become a part of this extensive network, contributing to the growth and development of this beloved sport across the region.

At the heart of basketball lies its ability to unite people from all walks of life. As a partner, you become an integral part of this unity, backing programs that nurture teamwork, inclusivity, and healthy competition. Your association with Basketball NSW goes beyond the game, showcasing your dedication to principles cherished by players and fans.

Join us as we take basketball to new heights across NSW. Together we will create lasting memories, enhance community engagement, and contribute to the continued success of basketball in NSW. Our Partnership Prospectus is the first step to a world of opportunities.

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Luisa Mastrangelo-Clarke


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