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Basketball for people with an Intellectual Impairment

Basketball NSW can help connect parents/carers to a range of opportunities for people with an intellectual impairment to play basketball, we have affiliated member associations spread across the State and a number of our associations have existing programs in place where a persons intellectual impairment is not a barrier to play basketball in domestic competitions for juniors and seniors. 

Sport NSW Disability and Inclusion

Sport NSW offers disability and inclusion programs, click on the links below for more information.

Active Abilities

Active Inclusion Sport Days

Special Olympics
We acknowledge that some athletes with an intellectual impairment may not fall into one of the below classifications. For these athletes, there are a number of Special Olympics NSW clubs all around NSW and they conduct events for athletes with an intellectual impairment. 

For more information and to find a Special Olympic club in your area click HERE

State and National events for athletes with an Intellectual Impairment

Basketball NSW enters teams to represent NSW to compete in the Australian Ivor Burge Championships, this national event is held annually in February and is for athletes with an IQ of 75 or below (classification II1).

Please visit the State Team section on our website for information on trials.

In addition to the National Championships, Basketball Australia also has an elite pathway program that offers players the opportunity to represent Australia. 

Basketball Australia has two national teams, Pearls (women’s national team) Boomerangs (men’s national team) AND they compete at the Virtus Global Games (next event 2023) and the Virtus World Championships (next event 2021).

Classification for Intellectual Impairment Eligibility

Sport Inclusion Australia (SIA) is the national organisation responsible for classifying athletes with an Intellectual Impairment. Athletes wishing to obtain an intellectual impairment classification must complete the following stages of the eligibility process.

School Sport Eligibility

School Sport Eligibility form needs to be completed by students participating in school sport events at regional, State and National level. The guidance notes provide clear details of how these forms are to be completed and which professionals need to sign page three of the eligibility application.

→ School Athlete Registration and Primary Eligibility Application Guidance Notes

→ School Athlete Registration and National Eligibility Application Form

Athletes representing NSW at the Ivor Burge Championships. 

Any athlete looking to trial to represent NSW at the Ivor Burge Championships will be required to be registered with both Basketball New South Wales and Sports Inclusion Australia and be classified with an eligibility number.  Registration is an annual process, whereas the eligibility component of the registration only needs to be completed once.

Any new athlete with an intellectual impairment should read the Sport Inclusion Australia eligibility notes and then complete the Sport Inclusion Australia Eligibility Form. The form must be completed by the athlete, and also by a professional working in the area of intellectual disability, e.g. psychologist. The form must be returned to [email protected]

Athletes can view the eligible notes and download the application form via the below links.

→ State Athlete Registration and Primary Eligibility Application Guidance Notes

→ State Athlete Registration and State Eligibility Application Form

Athletes selected to represent Australia at Virtus events

Basketball Australia and Sport Inclusion Australia will assist any athletes who have been selected to represent Australia at either a Virtus Global Games or Virtus World Championships. These athletes will be required to complete Virtus Intellectual Impairment eligibility classification, further information is available on the links below.

→ International Athlete Eligibility Application Guidance Notes

→ International Athlete Eligibility Application Form

Please visit the eligibility section of the Sport Inclusion Australia website for more information

Who is Sport Inclusion Australia?

What is eligibility?

What is the eligibility process?

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