Looking at getting on the court for the first time or a seasoned pro? We have many options to get involved in playing basketball.

Why play Basketball?

We all know that physical activity is vital for the growth and development of young kids, and team sports such as basketball are extremely beneficial to their health. Not only is playing basketball a fun way for kids to stay active, it helps them form friendships, learn to work in a team and provide them with an outlet for their energy.

The skills developed from playing basketball at a young age will benefit them in their personal and professional future. From toddler and teen to young adult and middle age, social skills and motor skills are an essential part of everyday life, and with basketball, kids can learn these early on in a safe environment.

There are great pathways in basketball.

Participants can represent their school, club, association, state or country and can aspire to play in the national league or overseas leagues.

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