Walking Basketball

What is Walking Basketball?

Walking Basketball was introduced as a means to provide an alternative program that allowed seniors to play basketball as a form of gentle exercise. It allows people to stay involved in the sport they may have been apart of for some time, or to try a new sport altogether, and learn new skills.

Not only does it allow participants to be physically active, but also reduces social isolation and increases community inclusion. Participants of Walking Basketball can also participate in a fun, safe environment while maintaining their zest for life and confidence in their abilities.

The only rules to the game is simply, no running!

Who can participate?

Walking Basketball is for anyone, and everyone!

All abilities and ages are welcome. Beginners right through to seasoned ballers!!

Walking Basketball is a fun, safe and social way to get your exercise in. Grab your friends and come join the fun!


Originating in Victoria, Walking Basketball is a fun, social way for participants to remain active. It offers a low impact alternative to exercise for participants of all abilities. For our associations, it is a way to connect to the broader community through social inclusion, increase members and greater overall enjoyment. 

Program Overview:

The sessions last for 60 minutes and are made up of warm up, skill based drills and ‘game play’. Sessions are designed to be adaptable based on the participants skill level, fitness and mobility. 

2020 Walking Basketball Programs

Norths Basketball Association
Venue: North Sydney Indoor Sports Centre
Dates: Wednesday 9th & 16th September
Time:  10:00-11:00am
Register: CLICK HERE
Bankstown Basketball Association
Venue: Bankstown Basketball Stadium
Dates: Friday 11th & 18th September
Time: 10:00-11:00am
Register: CLICK HERE

How do I get involved?

We are seeking Expressions of Interest for coaches to deliver these sessions. Please click the image below to register your interest. 

If you are looking to participate in Walking Basketball or become a provider – fill out the details and we will be in touch with you to assist. 


Any issues with registration or for more info please email Amy [email protected] or 0478 452 732 .

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