Strategic Plan

The strategic plan provides Basketball NSW with a roadmap based on 7 strategic pillars; Leadership, Culture and Inclusion, Elite Pathways, Competition, Awareness, Participation and Facilities.

2022-2025 Basketball NSW Strategic Plan

The strategic plan was developed in conjunction with staff and working groups and it outlines how we can realise our vision of basketball uniting communities and enabling participants to reach their potential whether it be as a player, official, coach, administrator, volunteer or supporter regardless of ability, money, gender, culture or location. 

Basketball in NSW’s Strategic Plan lays out a clear pathway for growth, with defined key goals and alignment to stakeholder priorities, specifically in the areas of facilities development, association governance and referee & coach education.


Basketball unites communities by enabling participants to realise their potential through every level of our game.


To realise the potential of everyone; We are working together to realise the potential of everyone, strengthening the basketball community and making the sport accessible to all.