Strategic Plan

The strategic plan provides Basketball NSW with a roadmap based on 7 strategic pillars; Leadership, Culture and Inclusion, Elite Pathways, Competition, Awareness, Participation and Facilities.

2016-2020 Basketball NSW Strategic Plan

The strategic plan was developed in conjunction with staff and working groups for Growth and Inclusion, Facilities, Female Participation and Elite Pathways and development.  This is a living document which will be reviewed annually to ensure the strategic imperatives are still being met until its completion in 2020.


Our VISION is that basketball is the SPORT OF CHOICE for families in NSW, respected as a tier 1 sport by all it’s stakeholders, impacting and supporting local, social and community goals in all areas of NSW making it EVERYONE’S GAME.


Lead the growth, promotion and participation of Basketball by supporting our community at all levels.

Provide development pathways for all areas of our sport

Collaborate with our stakeholders to develop products and programs to encourage participation, inclusion and growth.