Basketball is truly everyone’s game!

Inclusion in basketball aims to

Did you know that basketball is played in 215 countries internationally and has over 250 million people regularly playing the game, that equates to 11% of the world plays basketball.  Basketball is popular!

Basketball is truly everyone’s game and provides equal opportunities for male and females, both young and old and has a strong connection with and services many varied groups in Australia, such as wheelchair athletes; athletes with an intellectual disability, athletes who have a hearing impairment, multicultural groups and the LGBTQI community.

Here at Basketball NSW our culture is inclusive, open and transparent in providing a focused approach to engage with our community by connecting community organisations and support groups with our existing member associations, introducing new participants to our game and making basketball accessible to everyone.

Key objectives of our Inclusion program are to:

– To develop strategies for inclusion;
– To introduce the game of basketball to new communities;
– To encourage participation – through flexibility, patience and understanding with a fun and safe environment for all;
– To build on basketball’s interest;
– To encourage diversity and inclusion in sport;
– To overcome the barriers, promoting inclusion, driving opportunity to participate in basketball at all levels of the game;
– To increase membership by linking participants to an association to continue their involvement in basketball;
– To provide a fun, safe environment for all to enjoy the game of basketball;
– To engage in relationships with the other groups that provide similar support or opportunities for people to play sport.

What BNSW can offer

Inclusion basketball programs we strive to offer are:

– Basketball for people with an intellectual impairment.
– Wheelchair basketball.
– Walking basketball.
– Female participation.
– Multicultural groups.

Basketball NSW is committed to education the basketball community on best practice of inclusion, increase awareness and provide specific programs for all members of the community to play the game of basketball.

Basketball is everyone’s game and provides equal opportunities for male and female, both young and old.

For more information on our inclusion programs, or if you are an Association wanting to become an Inclusion Hub please contact Amy Nolan on 02 8765 8555 or