Disciplinary Support Process

Navigating Disciplinary Matters in Sport: Our Process and Commitment to Fairness in Basketball.

Maintaining discipline and upholding the standards of fair play and conduct is crucial. Managing disciplinary matters isn’t just about sanctioning; it’s about education, support, and a commitment to fairness. At Basketball NSW, we take pride in our rigorous internal processes designed to ensure the equitable resolution of issues while supporting all involved parties. Here’s an overview of our meticulous approach to managing disciplinary support:

  1. Volunteer Recruitment and Training:

At Basketball NSW, we have dedicated staff responsible for overseeing Member Protection, Disciplinary procedures, and Tribunal matters. They efficiently manage the entire process. However, when it comes to incidents that require a tribunal hearing, we have an established network of volunteers and convene a panel that consists of three people to undertake that judicial process.

To ensure inclusivity, we actively recruit volunteers from various minority communities. For example those with disabilities, those from LGBTQ backgrounds, Indigenous Australians, Torres Strait Islanders, and people of colour.

During our recruitment process, we carefully select volunteers who have the necessary qualifications, experiences, and a deep commitment to upholding the values of Basketball NSW. We also provide comprehensive training to ensure they understand the protocols, ethics, and sensitivity required when dealing with disciplinary cases. In addition to this, we also have compulsory courses that need to be completed, these include integrity courses, LGBTQ-related education and training.

When we appoint volunteers to hear these hearings, panel members are selected subject to their availability, we also factor in their lived experience or being a subject matter expert.

  1. Fair Hearings and Support for Complainants:

At Basketball NSW, we are committed to upholding the Basketball Australian National Integrity Framework. When it comes to disciplinary matters, we place a high value on fairness and transparency. Both the individual raising the complaint and the person being accused are treated equally and have the chance to share their perspective. Additionally, we provide support to complainants throughout the entire hearing process, ensuring that their concerns are recognized and addressed with care and professionalism.

  1. Education and Training Recommendations:

After a disciplinary process, we may suggest educational programs and training sessions for organizations, teams, or the individual(s) involved. This is not just a punishment, but an opportunity for personal growth and learning. Our goal is to ensure that those who return to the sport are not only aware of their past mistakes, but also have the chance to increase their knowledge and understanding of others’ experiences.

Additionally, we provide training programs for our association boards, staff, MPIOs, Grievance Officers, Judicial Hearing panellists and volunteers. These sessions focus on identifying incidents that may involve bullying, harassment, racial slurs or offensive language targeting the LGBTQ+ community.

  1. Continuous Improvement and Learning:

Our commitment doesn’t end with the resolution of a case. We consistently evaluate our processes and seek areas for improvement. Learning from each case helps us fine-tune our approach, ensuring a more effective and fair system for all participants.

We prioritize confidentiality, but we also keep a close eye on trends and inform the CEO and Senior Leadership Team. If necessary, we will implement new programs or campaigns to tackle and overcome these trends.

  1. Promoting Positive Sporting Culture:

Ultimately, our goal is to foster a positive sporting culture. We aim to create an environment where fair play, respect, and integrity are not just words but standards lived and upheld by everyone involved in the sport.

Disciplinary matters in sports can be complex, and our approach acknowledges this complexity. We strive for justice, fairness, and understanding while upholding the integrity of the sport. It’s not just about resolving issues; it’s about creating an environment where everyone can thrive and enjoy the sport they love.

At Basketball NSW, our dedication to fair play doesn’t waver. We believe that by managing disciplinary support effectively, we contribute to the overall betterment of the sporting community.

Remember, fair play and support create the foundation for an inclusive and enjoyable sporting environment for everyone involved.

We welcome any feedback, suggestions, or inquiries about our disciplinary support process. 

David Watts
Member Protection Officer & Disciplinary Tribunal Manager
Basketball NSW
E david.watts@bnsw.com.au

Maria Nordstrom  
Chief Executive Officer
Basketball NSW
E maria.nordstrom@bnsw.com.au