Duplicate Profile

Please Follow The Steps Below To Try To Resolve The Error

Getting This Error When Trying To Register?

This is easily solved, it usually just means you are using a different email to the one saved on the member’s profile. Follow the steps below to resolve.

Step One

Does Your Name Come Up When You Log In To The Form?

When you click on the registration link and use your email to log in to the form, the first page asks you to select how many adults/children you are registering.

After that you will be taken to page 1  of the form called ‘Chose Type’. On this page should be listed the names and FIBA ID’s of any members linked to your email address, as well as the ‘New Member’ button at the bottom.

If the name of the person you wish to register is showing just click on their name to proceed with their registration, not the ‘New Member’ button.

If the name is not showing proceed to Step 2

Step Two

Your Member Profile Is Not Linked To The Email You Are Using

If only the ‘New Member’ button is showing up that means the existing profile for the person you are trying to register is linked to a different email address.

Please go to mygameday.app/member-portal and try to log in to the member profile using any email that may have been used to register the person previously (current/previous work email, parent’s/other parent’s email address, etc.). When you log in using the correct email address their name and FIBA ID will come up.

To update the email click on ‘Account Settings’.

If you cannot remember or figure out which email was used proceed to Step Three

Member Profile Login

Step Three

Can’t Figure Out Which Email Was Used To Register Previously?

Give your association a call and they will be able to assist. Let them know the name and Date of Birth of the person you are trying to register and they will be able to search for their existing profile and update the email address for you.

Go to our home page, scroll down and click ‘Where Can I Play’ and enter your postcode to find your association’s contact information

If you are unsure of your association or played interstate please submit a support request using the form below.