Bathurst Basketball Council Launched

Written by Geoff Tripp
14 February, 2019

At an Annual General Meeting of the Bathurst Basketball Association Inc, the members voted to agree to the special resolutions proposed by the Bathurst Basketball Association Inc Committee to the Voluntary Cancellation of the Association with the Office of Fair Trading.

In a statement, the Committee of the Bathurst Basketball Association Inc required the members to vote to this way as a part of a “long-term strategy to ensure that the sport of basketball will be in a better position to grow”, said Nancy Haslop, the Public Officer of the Bathurst Basketball Association Inc. Committee.

She added, “the Committee has been working very closely with the NSW Office of Fair Trading, Basketball NSW, Bathurst Regional Council, Weekes Accounting and Advisory (our auditors) for some time now, Bathurst Basketball Association Inc. has some legacy issues that have made our ability to move forward very difficult, despite the committee working very hard to resolve them”.

“We need to restructure and with the support of our members, we can now allow that to proceed,” said Haslop.

The “legacy issues” mentioned allude to the  association not being able to hold an Annual General Meeting for the past 5-years, in 2018 at a public meeting of the association was held and a number of members from within the Bathurst Basketball Association Inc volunteered for Committee positions, this group has been working tirelessly to address all the outstanding legacy issues.

Basketball NSW CEO Maria Nordstrom added, “Basketball NSW was approached by the Bathurst Regional Council in late 2017 to request our support of the council in managing the stadium, Basketball NSW officially took over the management of the stadium from January 1, 2018.” 

The Bathurst Basketball Association Inc. previous managers of the stadium lease was up for renewal at the end of June in 2017, they were granted a 6-month extension and advised the council they were not looking to renew their lease.

With the decision made that the association will now voluntary cancel its incorporation status with the Office of Fair Trading, “Basketball NSW will now lead the Bathurst Basketball Council, this Committee will be responsible for overseeing the representative program for the Bathurst Goldminers”, Maria added.

“Sports Stadium Management will continue to administer basketball at the local level and will work closely with the Bathurst Basketball Council in ensuring that the community of Bathurst will be given every opportunity to play at the highest level”.

The decision made by the members of the Bathurst Basketball Association Inc was the correct one to make, basketball is strong not only in Bathurst but right across NSW and Australia, with the support of all key stakeholder groups, we are confident that the sport will continue to grow and flourish.” Nordstrom added.