Competitions / High-Performance
Written by Jaylee Ismay
19 October, 2022

Basketball NSW is pleased to share that from 2023, all Under-12 operated competitions and high-performance programs will transition to using Size 5 basketballs.

The move will provide Under-12 players the opportunity to develop correct techniques with an appropriately sized ball before transitioning to larger basketballs in older age groups.

After months of discussions with other states and territories and research, the introduction will better equip athletes at an earlier age to improve shooting skills compared to the larger size 6.

The Size 5 Basketball will be introduced to all Basketball NSW competitions (Spalding Waratah League) as well as Under 12 Skills Days, John Davidosn Country Jamboree and other High Performance related programs from January 2023.

Athletes will continue to use a Size 6 Basketball (Under-14 boys/Under-14 girls and older) as well as the Size 7 Basketball (Under-16 boys and older) in Basketball NSW sanction competitions & programs.

Senior Manager of Competitions & Leagues, Chanelle Bailey said that after months of consulting, the change to a smaller size will only benefit the junior development within the state. 

“Following Basketball Victoria’s introduction of the size 5 ball in 2022, New South Wales also wanted to seek the benefits from the smaller basketball for juniors to assist in developing the correct techniques for children under the age of twelve,” said Bailey. 

“We will be rolling out the new ball transition size from January 2023, and would like to encourage parents to purchase the correct size ball for the childs’ age group.”

Size 5 is the standard basketball size for both boys and girls aged 5 – 12 years old. The Size 5 basketball has a circumference of 27.5″ (69.5cm).

General Manager of Coaching and Development, Brett Coxsedge also reiterated the emphasis on the importance of correct technique when developing young athletes.

“The introduction of the size 5 ball for under 12s will allow a focus on better shooting and ball handling skills for our junior players. This will allow younger players and beginners to hone and perfect their skills at an early age,” said Coxsedge

“Having the correct size basketball for specific age groups will also encourage young boys and girls to experience success and encourage them to continue their participation in our sport for many years to come.”

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