Written by Jaylee Ismay
1 December, 2021

Basketball NSW would like to congratulate the following U14, U15 & U16 athletes who have been selected to participate in our Developing Athlete Program (DAP) for 2022.

Under 14 Girls

First Name Surname Association
Olive Alley Hills Hornets
Juhi Balu Hills Hornets
Arizona Bell Norths Bears
Genevieve Benson Norths Bears
Lyra Clark Hills Hornets
Lily Collimore Sydney Comets
Zara De Freitas Sydney Comets
Indigo Drury Sutherland Sharks
Mary Dunstan Norths Bears
Tessa Fagan Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
Kate Farrer Inner West Bulls
Margaret Farrer Inner West Bulls
Alicia Fevre Hills Hornets
Sienna Fishpool Hornsby Ku Ring Gai Spiders
Cathleen Graza Penrith Panthers
Lani Gremmo Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
Caitlyn Grima Hills Hornets
Tara Hayes Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
Leona Ibarbuiu Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
Aayah Itaoui Sydney Comets
Samaya Jones Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
Desiree Lin Sydney Comets
Ashley Loyman Bankstown Bruins
Imogen Meilak Bankstown Bruins
Mia Minshall Sydney Comets
Amina Mustafic Camden Valley Wildfire
Elena Piljevic Sutherland Sharks
Candice Pinto Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
Claire Pittman Sydney Comets
Leia Pourau Hawkesbury Jets
Ava Rendulic Hills Hornets
Ryanna Roman Norths Bears
Marley Sialeipata Sydney Comets
Peyton Skinner Hills Hornets
Angela Tako Penrith Panthers
Elise Thomson Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
Matilda Trout Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
Imogen Williams Norths Bears
Kaiah Wong Bankstown Bruins


Under 14 Boys

First Name Surname Association
Obi Adler Norths Bears
Mataius Alcasid Blacktown Storm
Alexander Arseniev PCYC Spirit
Damien Banner West Sydney Wolves
Levi Berbari Bankstown Bruins
Lachlan Booth Hornsby Ku Ring Gai Spiders
William Cassar Hornsby Ku Ring Gai Spiders
Ethan Custodio Hills Hornets
Hugo Deman Norths Bears
Julian Ee Norths Bears
Luca Federico Camden Valley Wildfire
Dylan Fleischer Norths Bears
Jack Gleeson Sutherland Sharks
Henry Hecimovic Norths Bears
Tobias Hua Hornsby Ku Ring Gai Spiders
Eoin Isaako Bankstown Bruins
Emin Joldic Sydney Comets
Malik Juma Sutherland Sharks
Theodore Karelas Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
Ezekiel Kho Sydney Comets
Jacob Kimball Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
Aaron Ko Hornsby Ku Ring Gai Spiders
Jamie Longhurst Hawkesbury Jets
Archie Lucas Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
Aston Masella Inner West Bulls
Lachlan McCullagh Norths Bears
Riley McNulty Penrith Panthers
Louis Pichler Norths Bears
William Rintoul Sydney Comets
Jasper Rock Sydney Comets
Elijah Rone Blacktown Storm
Azor Ruiz Camden Valley Wildfire
August Straker Penrith Panthers
Kingston Tutani Camden Valley Wildfire
Max Venardos Bankstown Bruins
Josiah Viaje Norths Bears
Micah Watson Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
Orleans Wright McGuirt Norths Bears


Under 15 Girls

First Name Surname Association
Nadia Aukuso Sydney Comets
Eva Bailey Hills Hornets
Jolie Beehag Sutherland Sharks
Elodie Boreham Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
Sienna Clark Hills Hornets
Niahm Conroy Sutherland Sharks
Francesca Cusack Hornsby Ku Ring Gai Spiders
Makayla D’Morias Hills Hornets
Sophie Dix Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
Ebony Dixon Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
Abbey Garland Sutherland Sharks
Evie Gooding Sutherland Sharks
Lola Gralton Sydney Comets
Niamh Gribbin Norths Bears
Llianna Jacob Hills Hornets
Annabelle Kesby Norths Bears
Chloe Kho Sydney Comets
Josie Klarenaar Norths Bears
Milana Marsh Norths Bears
Abigail Moala Hornsby Ku Ring Gai Spiders
Ivory Osborne Penrith Panthers
Juliet Poole Norths Bears
Jacinta Sebastian Hornsby Ku Ring Gai Spiders
Alisha Singh Hills Hornets
Violet Smithies Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
Khloe Veloso Penrith Panthers


Under 15 Boys

First Name Surname Association
Virgilio Agito Penrith Panthers
Kingsley Barnett Hills Hornets
Maxwell Benson Hawkesbury Jets
Denzel Bryett Sutherland Sharks
Luke Buere Penrith Panthers
LeBron Dwayne Castanares Blacktown Storm
Jack Cummings Hornsby Ku Ring Gai Spiders
Joseph Ezekiel Penrith Panthers
Philipp Gerasimov Hills Hornets
Jayden Hannaford Norths Bears
Riley Hayhow Hills Hornets
Rubin Jamison Blacktown Storm
Kiran Kumaresan Sydney Comets
Cruz Mactavish Sydney Comets
Jermaine Maningo Bankstown Bruins
Joshua Mcewan Sydney Comets
Joshua Morosin Hills Hornets
Ian Park Sydney Comets
Sahan Perera Hornsby Ku Ring Gai Spiders
Jack Plamondon Norths Bears
Austin Prosser Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
Micah Roberts Penrith Panthers
Alexander Santillan Inner West Bulls
Keith Solis Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
Nicholas Stepanian Norths Bears
Lado Sule Hills Hornets
Brady Sullivan Norths Bears
Corey Thomas Sutherland Sharks
Nikola Valkovic Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
Marik Van Kilian Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
Nicholas Wendt Norths Bears
Adam Williams Bankstown Bruins
Kyan Wilton Camden Valley Wildfire
Anthony Zilifian Manly Warringah Sea Eagles


Under 16 Girls

First Name Surname Association
Gurkiran Bhullar Hornsby Ku Ring Gai Spiders
Kenisha Bickle Bankstown Bruins
Taleea Capulong Bankstown Bruins
Lucy Daly Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
Isabella De Jesus Hornsby Ku Ring Gai Spiders
Bailey DeForest Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
Ellysa Feliciano Sutherland Sharks
Leilani Filemu Bankstown Bruins
Charlotte Hansen Norths Bears
Sofia Hunt Penrith Panthers
Olivia Johnston Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
Jasmine Karagiannis Sydney Comets
Phileine Krabbe Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
Sophie McNamara Sutherland Sharks
Porscha Paredes Norths Bears
Ella Rehayem Bankstown Bruins
Dakota Richardson Norths Bears
Niamh Smith Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
Yvette Volk Norths Bears


Under 16 Boys

First Name Surname Association
Nikola Alavanja Camden Valley Wildfire
Brodie Collins Hornsby Ku Ring Gai Spiders
Kobby Dankwa Sutherland Sharks
Oisin Du Hornsby Ku Ring Gai Spiders
Bill Gao Norths Bears
Konnor Gonzales Penrith Panthers
Antonio Hartman Norths Bears
Will Hutcheon Sutherland Sharks
Chase Jackson Penrith Panthers
Will Kimberley Sydney Comets
Hugh Lucas Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
Harrison Lyttle Sydney Comets
Thomas Mans Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
Reuben Marshall Penrith Panthers
Jed Moor Sydney Comets
Roman Stathis Norths Bears
Jayson Symin Hills Hornets
Christian Wells Penrith Panthers
Marcus Tsimbler Bankstown Bruins


Basketball NSW will contact all selected athletes with more information over the coming weeks.