Written by Jaylee Ismay
8 December, 2021

Basketball NSW recently held the 2021 NSW Big Hustle State Championship event on Saturday the 4th of December at Hills Basketball Stadium with teams from all across NSW attending the occasion.

We would like to recognise all 300 players who combined to form 80 teams to play in over 215 games.

Basketball NSW would also like to extend a warm thank you to all 20 referees and stadium staff to help facilitate a great and safe day of basketball.

Each match was highly entertaining for players and spectators alike with a number of nailbitters across each division’s grand final. 

The top teams from this tournament have qualified through to the 2022 NBL 3×3 Big Hustle National Championships to be held on 22 & 23 of January 2022 in Ballarat, VIC.


Below are all the grand final results from the tournament:
Under 12 Boys – Run TMC (9) def Hills Green (8)
Under 12 Girls – Showtime Dolphins (6) def Sportly Barbarians 2 (4)
Under 14 Boys – Hills Red (12) def Alley Oopers (6)
Under 14 Girls – RIZE (12) def Sportly Barbarians (10)
Under 16 Boys – Snipers (21) def Hills Green (17)
Under 16 Girls – Huskies (16) def BING BONG (6)
Under 18 Boys – Beaches Vol.4 (17) def Hills Green (12)
Open Men’s – Sydney Supersonics (13) def Saints (10)

Full results from the entire tournament can be found at Big Hustle NSW Website

FIBA Accounts

All players will receive points on their FIBA 3×3 account which are internationally recognised. The more 3×3 tournaments you play the more points you will accrue.

Again thank you for being a part of the Big Hustle NSW State Championships 2021, hope to see you next time.

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