Spalding Waratah Senior League

Proudly Sponsored by Spalding

Spalding Senior Waratah League

The Waratah Senior Leagues comprises of the Spalding Waratah Men, Spalding Waratah Women, Spalding Waratah 1 Youth Men, Spalding Waratah 2 Youth Men, Spalding Waratah 1 Youth Women, Spalding Waratah 2 Youth Women and the GTK Waratah Wheelchair League powered by Spalding.

The Finals weekend sees the conclusion of the season of the Waratah Senior Leagues, with the Semi-Finals played on Saturday and the Grand Finals played on Sunday.

Check out the tip-off dates for each division of the Spalding Waratah Senior League:

  • Waratah 1 Youth Men: March 16 2024
  • Waratah 1 Youth Women: March 16 2024
  • Waratah Men: March 16 2024
  • Waratah 2 Youth Men: March 9 2024
  • Waratah 2 Youth Women: April 13 2024
  • Waratah Women: April 20 2024
  • GTK Waratah Wheelchair League: June 2024

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